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Chicago Armed Robbery Defense Lawyer: Getting Trusted Legal Representation in Illinois

Understanding Armed Robbery Charges in Chicago

Robbery, aggravated robbery, and armed robbery are serious offenses under Illinois law, specifically detailed in 720 ILCS 5/18-1 and 5/18-2. When facing these charges, it’s imperative to have a solid grasp of the legal definitions and potential consequences.

Robbery refers to the unlawful taking of property from another person using force or threat of force. Aggravated robbery occurs when, during robbery, the accused indicates verbally or through their actions that they possess a firearm or any dangerous weapon even though they don’t. Robbery is also aggravated if, during a robbery, a person delivers through injection or inhalation any controlled substance to the victim without the said victim’s consent or through fraud or deception.

In contrast to robbery and aggravated robbery, armed robbery is committed when, during robbery, a person:

  • Carries a dangerous weapon other than a firearm, or

  • Carries a firearm, or

  • Personally discharges the firearm, or

  • Personally discharges the firearm, causing great bodily harm, disfigurement, permanent disability, or death.

The Illinois Criminal Code classifies armed robbery as a Class X felony, one of the most severe classes of felonies, which can carry a prison term of up to 30+ years in prison. If a firearm is present, even if not discharged, the penalties increase, including mandatory prison sentences.

Penalties for armed or robbery crimes where a firearm is discharged, or a victim is harmed can result in imprisonment for an extended period, indicating the significant consequences that follow these accusations.

We understand the weight that comes with a charge of armed robbery. We are committed to providing an assertive, reassuring, and empathetic approach, ensuring you receive a robust defense. Remember that being charged with armed robbery is not the same as being convicted—our experience in handling complex criminal defense cases could be your asset in navigating these challenging times.

The Legal Consequences of Armed Robbery in Illinois

In Illinois, armed robbery is taken very seriously and carries severe penalties. We understand that facing charges for armed robbery is a class that can be overwhelming, as the stakes are incredibly high. The Illinois statutes define armed robbery as a robbery committed while the offender is armed with a dangerous weapon or a firearm. A conviction can lead to life-altering consequences, including lengthy prison sentences.

Armed robbery in Illinois is classified as a Class X felony, which means a conviction can result in a penalty ranging from 6 to 30 years in prison. The presence of aggravating factors, such as bodily harm, disfigurement, disability, or death, can escalate charges and result in mandatory sentences.

If a robbery was committed while carrying a firearm, 15 years will be added to the prison sentence. If the firearm was discharged during the commission of the offense, an additional 20 years will be added. An additional 25 years or up to life imprisonment shall be added if the discharge of the firearm results in death, permanent disability, or disfigurement.

A skilled criminal defense attorney familiar with armed robbery charges becomes an invaluable asset. They can develop a defense strategy, challenging evidence that might include mistaken identity or lack of intent.

Understanding Your Rights and Options

When facing charges of armed and robbery offenses, it’s crucial to understand that your rights are protected under the law. Your trusted legal team stands ready to assert and defend these rights with our years of experience in the field of criminal defense.

If you or a loved one was charged with armed robbery, know that you have the right to consult a criminal defense attorney. We urge you to do so immediately to ensure your freedom and legal interests are safeguarded from the start. Every available defense must be explored to challenge the charge and avoid conviction. Possession of a deadly weapon doesn’t equate to guilt. Evidence must be meticulously examined to protect your rights.

Here are three things to do when you have been charged with armed robbery in Illinois:

  1. Avoid Discussing The Case: Do not speak about the details with anyone but your lawyer.

  2. Document Everything: Record your recollections and any potential evidence.

  3. Contact Us: We’ll offer the empathy and assertiveness you need during this stressful time.

Armed robbery is a grave offense and allegation, but charges are not a conviction. We at Hirsch Law Group are committed to providing a robust defense tailored to your unique case – because you deserve someone who believes in your right to a fair trial.

Defending Against Armed Robbery Charges

When facing armed robbery charges, the stakes are high, and the penalties are severe. That’s why we apply a meticulous defense strategy focused on casting reasonable doubt during the trial. Our investigation begins immediately to ensure no stone is left unturned in your defense.

Our key defense approaches include the following:

  • Thorough Investigation: We determine the reliability of witness testimony. We also examine the evidence for any inconsistencies or errors.

  • Challenging the Prosecution’s Evidence: We question the accuracy of identification procedures that may lead to mistaken identity. Our team also analyzes forensic evidence to expose any weakness in the prosecution’s case.

Some of the usual defenses to armed robbery are the following:

  • Lack of Intent: This demonstrates that there was no intention to commit robbery, which is essential to the crime.

  • No physical injury: If the act did not result in any physical injury, a skilled attorney could argue that there was a lack of imminent force.

  • No actual taking: If no property was taken, then it is possible to argue that no robbery was committed.

As your robbery defense attorney, we emphasize a tailored approach for each case. Our goal is to vigorously protect your rights by not only addressing the evidence but also the alleged intent behind the act.

We understand the impact that armed robbery charges can have on your life. But remember that in any criminal trial, the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt lies with the prosecution. Our job as your criminal defense attorney is to highlight every doubt, ensuring the jury understands the fallibility of the evidence against you. Trust in our team to navigate these complex waters and defend your liberty.

Hirsch Law Group’s Approach to Armed Robbery Defense

At Hirsch Law Group, we understand the complexities of armed robbery cases and approach each one with a deep sense of empathy and commitment to justice. When you’re facing a robbery charge, the weight of the prosecution’s scrutiny bears heavily. As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we employ our wealth of experience to strategize an effective legal defense tailored to the unique facets of your case.

Our approach begins with an initial consultation, during which we closely listen to your side of the story, review police reports, and begin to build a comprehensive defense strategy. Our ultimate goal is to protect your constitutional rights and secure the best possible outcome.

Every step of the way, whether analyzing the property in question or cross-examining testimony, our skilled criminal defense attorneys demonstrate unwavering advocacy. We firmly believe in equality and work to ensure that all our clients have access to a robust legal and experienced criminal defense attorney.

For those accused of theft crimes or facing the severe ramifications of an armed robbery conviction, the benefits of early legal intervention cannot be overstated. With our legal team’s experience managing armed robbery cases in Chicago, your case is bolstered by knowledgeable and adept representation. Reach out to us to schedule a consultation.