With a family history of three generations raised on farms, Mr. Winslow takes pride on representing citizens in the heartland of Illinois. An Illini graduate from Champaign-Urbana and the UIC law school, Mr. Winslow started as a 711 licensed attorney in the Felony division at 26th and California on the Southside of Chicago. Mr. Winslow has over a decade and a half of courtroom experience. Whether arbitrations, mediations, bench trials, jury trials, or Section 1983 federal trials, Mr. Winslow fights for his clients spurred by the motto that freedom “ain’t” free.

When Mr. Winslow is not in court, his passions are looking down at two hole cards surrounded by friends yelling “All in” at a Texas Holdem game or the peace and serenity of fishing with family off the sandy beaches of the Gulf Shores, Alabama.