If you have been charged with aggravated vehicular hijacking in the state of Illinois, then you are facing serious felony charges. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend you immediately can help you achieve the best outcome possible for your case. Hirsch Law Group has experienced weapons attorneys that defend vehicular hijacking charges. If you have been arrested on these charges call us immediately at (815) 451-3200

Since vehicular hijacking charges are serious, we take each case that we handle seriously because the outcome can affect your life forever. Not having quality legal representation can lead to additional years in prison. 

Aggravated Vehicular Hijacking occurs when someone takes possession of a vehicle through the use of force and one of the following factors are involved:

  • A person under the age of 16 was present inside of the vehicle
  • A physically handicapped person was inside of the vehicle
  • A dangerous weapon was involved other than a firearm
  • If a gun was involved, it can add up to 15 years onto a prison sentence if convicted
  • If a firearm was discharged during the event, it can add up to 20 years onto a prison sentence if convicted
  • If a firearm was discharged and it caused death, permanent disability, or great bodily harm 25 years or life in prison can be added to your sentence if convicted.

Example of Aggravated Vehicular Hijacking

For example, if a vehicle was stolen and the person who stole it realized that a baby was in the back seat after they took possession of the car, then they would be charged with aggravated vehicular hijacking. Lack of knowledge to vehicular hijacking laws is not a valid defense. 

Being charged with aggravated vehicular hijacking is a Class X felony with a minimum sentence of 6 years and a maximum of 30 years. Depending on the aggravated factors involved in the crime, additional time could be added to your sentence. 

If there are no aggravating factors, but you knowingly took possession of a vehicle from someone else and used force or threat of force then you could be facing vehicular hijacking charges which is a Class 1 felony which carries a sentence of 4 – 15 years in prison with fines up to $25,000. 

If the alleged vehicular hijacking resulted in a police chase then the defendant could face additional criminal charges.

Aggressive Legal Defense Against Vehicular Hijacking Charges

Our team of award winning attorneys understand that facing felony or Class X vehicular hijacking charges. We have experience in 12 counties across Illinois defending people facing serious criminal charges. We know how to poke holes in the prosecution’s case creating reasonable doubt.