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Do you wish there was a way to hide your past convictions or arrests? It’s normal to want your criminal record erased or expunged. A criminal record can lead to discrimination and many difficult situations in your personal and professional life. It poses the challenge of rejection by employers, landlords, the admissions council of colleges, or even lenders. Fortunately, it’s possible to have your past criminal records erased.

Expungement can help you start a new chapter, free from the stigma and consequences of your past mistakes. It is a legal process that erases or destroys your criminal records. This means that people, such as employers or landlords, cannot access or see your criminal history once your charges have been expunged.

We have experienced and dedicated expungement lawyers at the Hirsch Law Group who can help you clear your criminal record. We can review your case, determine your eligibility, prepare and file your petition, and represent you in court if necessary. We work hard to achieve a better outcome for you.

Expungement v. Sealing

Expungement is a lawful process that allows you to clear your criminal record. You may be eligible to erase certain arrest records or criminal charges that did not lead to a conviction.

Sealing is another legal process that allows you to hide your criminal record from public view. You may be eligible to seal certain convictions or sentences that are not eligible for expungement. This means that even though your criminal record is still on file, it is hidden from most of the public. Entities such as the court system and law enforcement can still access your criminal record. These two processes help you restore your reputation and move on with life.

Expungement of an Arrest Record, Criminal Charge, and Sentence

You may be able to expunge misdemeanors and felonies where:

  • You were arrested but not charged.

  • The charges were dropped or dismissed.

  • The case was acquitted.

  • The conviction was vacated or reversed.

  • The conviction was for an eligible misdemeanor or a drug conviction pertaining to Class 4 cannabis conviction under the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act.

  • You receive a pardon from the Governor, who authorizes expungement.

Expungement of Sentences of Supervision

This kind of expungement applies to a case where you were convicted of a misdemeanor, received a sentence of supervision, and completed the sentence.

Generally, the waiting period is two years for most offenses that result in supervision. However, some exceptions require a longer waiting period of five years. These include:

  • Domestic battery

  • Criminal sexual abuse (where the victim was 18 or older)

  • Operation of an uninsured motor vehicle

  • Operation of a motor vehicle with a suspended registration due to non-insurance

  • Display of false insurance card

Expungement of Sentence of Qualified Probation

This type of expungement applies to a case where you were convicted and received a sentence of qualified probation. You can apply for an expungement in such cases only after five years have passed since the completion of the qualified probation sentence.

Sealing of Arrests, Charges, or Convictions

This type of expungement applies to a case where you were arrested, charged, or convicted for a crime that cannot be expunged but can be sealed. Sealing laws prevent employers and landlords from viewing your criminal records. But, as noted above, criminal record sealing does not prevent law enforcement agencies from viewing your criminal record.

Some examples of arrests, charges, or convictions that can be sealed include arrests and charges for misdemeanors and felonies (except minor traffic offenses) that did not lead to a criminal conviction.

Benefits of Expungement in Illinois

Expungement offers you a fresh start. It has many benefits for your personal and professional life. Some benefits include:


An employer may conduct a background check on you. So they may reject you if they find your criminal record.

Upon successful expungement of your criminal record, you can answer with a resounding “no” when asked if you’ve been arrested before. Furthermore, an expungement may help you obtain or renew a professional license requiring a clean criminal record. Such licenses include health care, finance, and education.


Expungement can help you obtain a safe place to live in. A cautious landlord may run a background check on you, and a criminal record may prevent them from leasing their property to you. With a clean slate, it becomes far easier to rent a house, and you may also be able to qualify for housing assistance programs.

Civil Rights

Expungement helps you restore the rights you lost due to a criminal record, including:

  • Voting

  • Jury service

  • Firearm ownership

Emotional and Psychological Well-Being

Expungement boosts your self-esteem. It also has a positive impact on your mental health. Criminal records often affect relationships and how we socialize. Friends, family, and community pull away, and you may feel isolated. Expungement offers you the chance to move on from your past mistakes, helping you regain your dignity and confidence.

How a Chicago Expungement Lawyer Can Help

In Illinois, an expungement attorney is a crucial ally for anybody looking to get their criminal record expunged. Let’s look at how a Chicago criminal defense attorney from the Hirsch Law Group can help you:

  • In-Depth Legal Knowledge: Illinois expungement laws are complex and dynamic. Our experienced lawyers can help you navigate the complicated court procedure associated with expunging and sealing criminal records.

  • Eligibility Assessment: Not all criminal records are eligible for assessment. We can evaluate your circumstances and determine if your records are eligible for sealing or expungement by reviewing your criminal record and identifying the type, date, and outcome of each arrest, charge, or conviction.

  • Documentation and Filing: The expungement process involves extensive paperwork. We can help you prepare and file the necessary paperwork accurately, lowering the possibility of mistakes that might hurt your case. We do this by obtaining your criminal records and filing your petition for expungement or sealing.

  • Court Representation: If your case requires a court hearing or if objections are raised, we can fight for your rights, boosting your chances of winning.

  • Timeliness: The expungement process can be time-consuming. We can help expedite the process, enabling you to resume your life more quickly.

  • Record Sealing: If expungement isn’t an option for your case, sealing your records may be. We can help determine the most suitable course of action for you.

In Illinois, an experienced Chicago expungement attorney may be a vital resource for overcoming the barriers created by a criminal past and achieving a bright future. Reach out to an experienced attorney from the Hirsch Law Group for help with expungement.

Why Choose the Hirsch Law Group?

An expungement is a viable option for clients who want to erase their Illinois criminal record. It gives them a new start and breaks the restrictions for offenders.

Are you interested in having your record expunged or sealed in Chicago? Our expungement lawyers understand how vital expungement is for you. Book a free initial meeting with the Hirsch Law Group to learn how we can help you expunge a drug conviction or other criminal charges.