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Cook County Maywood Courthouse

What Kind of Court Is the Cook County Maywood Courthouse?

The Cook County Circuit Court is a trial court located in Illinois, the largest county in the state. The court system plays a vital role in administering justice in Cook County, handling a wide range of civil and criminal matters. 

The Circuit Court of Cook County’s Fourth Municipal District comprises municipalities and townships in the western suburbs of Cook County. There are several municipalities within Cook County, including Maywood, Melrose Park, Oak Park, Broadview, Bellwood, Berkeley, Elmwood Park, Berwyn, Brookfield, Cicero, Forest Park, North Riverside, Franklin Park, Hillside, La Grange Park, Northlake, River Forest, River Grove, Riverside, Stone Park, and Westchester.

In this article, we discuss the role of the Cook County Maywood Courthouse in the US judicial system and the types of cases that it handles. Individuals needing an Illinois criminal defense lawyer in Cook County can contact the Hirsch Law Group for assistance with their cases heard at the Maywood Courthouse.

The Role of Cook County Maywood Courthouse in the Judicial System

The Circuit Court of Cook County is one of the biggest unified court systems in the world, as well as the largest of Illinois’ 24 judicial circuits.

The Cook County Circuit Court has approximately 400 judges. They handle more than a million cases yearly.

It has six geographic districts, and one of them is the Fourth Municipal District of Maywood. The other geographic districts are:

  • First Municipal District – Chicago

  • Second Municipal District – Skokie

  • Third Municipal District – Rolling Meadows

  • Fifth Municipal District – Bridgeview

  • Sixth Municipal District – Markham

Types of Cases Handled by the Court

The Cook County Maywood Courthouse handles a wide array of cases, which include:

  • Orders of Protection

  • Housing

  • Eviction Proceedings

  • Small Claims

  • Stalking or Civil No Contact Orders

  • Licenses

  • Felony Preliminary Hearings

  • Ordinance and Traffic Enforcement

  • Contract Cases Decided through Alternative Dispute Resolution Process

  • Misdemeanor Criminal Proceedings

  • Name Changes

  • Civil Suits for Damages up to $100,000

  • Mandatory Arbitration (Less formal proceeding with a three-member panel) in Suits for Damages of Not More Than $30,000

  • Marriages and Civil Union Court

Other cases handled by the court include domestic relations, felony criminal, juvenile justice, and law division tort seeking damages of more than $100,000.

Location and Contact Information

The Cook County Fourth Municipal District – Maywood Courthouse is located at 1500 Maybrook Avenue, Room 236, Maywood, Illinois. Its phone number is (708) 865-6060. The courthouse is open from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Designated parking is only available for jurors.

Understanding the Cook County Maywood Courthouse Process

People who have a court hearing in the Cook County Maywood Courthouse should know the ins and outs of its processes. Missing a court summons or appearance can have serious legal consequences.

How to Find Your Court Date and Time

The Fourth Municipal District Maywood Courthouse is organized according to courtrooms, key dates, judicial assignments, and standing orders. Every municipality is assigned a specific day or days of the month for its cases under the “key date” system.

Police officers and other law enforcement personnel can perform their other responsibilities outside of court while still being able to regularly attend court, thanks to the key date system.

Criminal cases such as felonies and misdemeanors are heard daily in the Maywood Courthouse. The schedule for felony court calls is 9:00 AM and 9:30 AM daily. Misdemeanor cases are heard at 10:00 AM, while felony cases are heard at 1:30 PM.

Felony cases are heard in courtrooms 105, 107, and 108. Misdemeanors and felonies are heard in courtroom 113. Felony preliminary hearings are held in courtroom 102.

The court calls for misdemeanors and traffic and ordinance violation cases at 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, and 1:30 PM.

The schedule for civil cases is as follows:

  • Name changes/Replevins/Administrative hearings are heard from Tuesday to Friday at 9:30 AM.

  • Eviction proceedings are held every Monday at 9:30 AM.

  • Small claims and other supplemental judgment proceedings are held every Monday at 1:00 PM.

The court calls for the specialty courts to start at 1:30 PM. The Mental Health Court and the Veterans Court hold proceedings every first, second, and third Wednesday of the month. The Drug Treatment Court hears cases every Thursday.

The Domestic Relations Division hears cases for Dissolution of Marriage and Civil Union, Child Support, and Custody and Visitation at 9:30 AM.

On the other hand, the Domestic Violence Division’s court calls start at 9:00 AM and 1:30 PM.

How to Use Cook County’s Online Case Search Tool

An individual charged with a criminal offense in Cook County must appear in court for all proceedings and hearings. Failure to do so can have grave consequences. For instance, failure to appear for a court appearance after the Order Conditions of Pretrial Release is given can result in a Cook County arrest warrant.

Anyone in Cook County who has been arrested and charged with a felony or misdemeanor offense could receive court date reminders via text message or phone call thanks to the Circuit Court’s Court Reminder System.

The defendant must sign up in the Court Reminder System’s portal to receive court reminders. They can also call 708-865-6040 for cases pending at the Maywood Courthouse.

Dealing with the Consequences of Your Case

How to Comply with the Court’s Ruling and Sentence

Court orders are legally binding. Parties who receive them must comply with them. Necessary actions may be taken if a party refuses to comply with a court’s ruling and sentence.

When there is a clear breach of a court order, the breaching party may be committing a criminal offense. Doing so may lead to fines, police action, imprisonment, and prosecution.

How to Pay Your Fines and Fees or Request a Payment Plan

Individuals can pay their court fines through the Cook County Maywood Courthouse’s online payments website.

Here are some of the payments that can be made through the portal:

  • Traffic Tickets

  • Court Ordered Fines

  • Court Ordered Fees

  • Other Court Ordered Costs.

On the other hand, the portal does not accept bond postings, probation fees, child support, and other civil payments.

Rules of the Cook County Maywood Courthouse

All parties should follow some courtroom etiquette when being summoned to appear before the court.

  • Dress appropriately and professionally.

  • Arrive early. If with friends and family members, they should also be on time.

  • Be prepared for a security check.

  • Treat everyone with respect.

  • Listen to the instructions of the court attendant.

  • Wait quietly until given the order to speak.

  • Avoid disrespectful body language, such as eye-rolling and frowning.

  • Stand up when directed to speak.

  • Address the judge correctly.

  • Answer the questions clearly. Always speak respectfully.

Why You Need a Lawyer for Cook County Maywood Courthouse

The Benefits of Hiring Hirsch Law Group for Your Case

Hiring an experienced defense attorney is beneficial because:

  • An experienced defense attorney has an extensive knowledge of the legal system.

  • They know certain people and how to navigate both state and federal legal systems.

  • It can help save time and money.

  • It can help the client understand the charges and possible penalties that they face.

  • A lawyer will handle all the necessary paperwork.

  • A lawyer can help get matters moving quickly.

  • A defense attorney is dedicated to defending his client.

Hire the right defense attorney based on the charges. For instance, a Cook County DUI lawyer can help those facing DUI charges.

A dedicated defense attorney from our firm can also help with post-case activities, such as ensuring that the name of a pardoned person charged with a sex offense is removed from the Cook County Sex Offender Registry.

Possible Risks of Representing Yourself in Court

Here are some pitfalls that come with self-representation in court.

  • Insufficient legal knowledge to defend oneself properly.

  • A lack of courtroom experience can be a disadvantage when facing seasoned litigators.

  • A clouded judgment that could lead to ignoring facts and pieces of evidence presented.

Hire the Experienced Defense Lawyers in Cook County, Illinois.

Legal representation is critical when facing legal charges. Get the legal defense and representation you need from experienced and skilled attorneys in Illinois. Contact us at the Hirsch Law Group. Rest assured, our attorneys will listen to you and strive to protect your freedom and legal rights to the best of their abilities.