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Experienced Cook County Defense Attorney

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney, Cook County, IL

Criminal defense attorneys are trained to protect defendants’ rights in criminal cases. An excellent defense attorney ensures the criminal process is fair for their client. Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer helps you avoid falling victim to the criminal legal system.

If you face criminal charges in Cook County, IL, you are probably worried about your future. To the system, your case is just another one passing through. However, a criminal conviction will have severe repercussions for your whole life.

Being convicted of a crime means much more than jail time, fines, and probation. With a criminal record, you will face difficulty doing many things. These include getting employed, accessing housing, and getting a loan.

How Does The Criminal Justice System Work in Cook County, IL?

Under the 6th Amendment, all defendants in U.S. criminal trials have a right to counsel. The court appoints legal counsel for defendants who cannot afford to hire one. However, working with a private lawyer instead of a public defender is advisable. Public defenders are usually swamped with many cases and may try to round up yours quickly. That means they may not be as thorough as they can to defend you.

Hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer also has another advantage. A private attorney is separate from the entity prosecuting you, namely, the government. This is unlike a public defender who works for the government. Criminal trials are challenging. Therefore, going through it with someone with your best interests at heart helps greatly.

Generally, the process for criminal prosecution is as follows:


Except for on-the-spot offenses like D.U.I.s, most cases start with an initial investigation period. When someone is suspected of a crime, the police start investigating. The prosecution gathers enough evidence to build a solid case to secure a conviction.


Once sufficient evidence is gathered, the police arrest the suspect. Then, they bring formal criminal charges against them. At this point, the police officers may read the suspect their rights.

As a defendant, contacting your lawyer as soon as possible is crucial. Before you are able to contact them, it helps to remain silent to avoid incriminating yourself.

Court Case

Once you are formally charged, your case will be brought before a judge. You may plead guilty or innocent based on your consultation with your lawyer. A guilty plea will lead to the sentencing stage. In contrast, a plea of innocence will cause a trial to begin.

In a jury trial, the jurors determine your guilt or otherwise. If you are declared innocent, the case ends, and you are free to go. Otherwise, the judge imposes a sentence based on the accused crime.


Sentencing depends on the crime and mitigating factors. For instance, you may receive a lighter sentence for a first-time offense than for subsequent offenses. Your lawyer can work to get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

Defense Strategies for Criminal Cases

The success of a criminal defense case depends on the strategies used. A well-thought-out plan and aggressive representation are crucial in achieving positive outcomes. Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney helps you choose the best approach for your situation. Below is a list of some common defensive strategies:
  • Plea Bargaining – The process of negotiating between the defendant and the prosecution. It involves reducing criminal charges or penalties in exchange for a guilty plea.
  • Alibi – This is a defense strategy where the defendant proves they were elsewhere when the crime was committed.
  • Misidentification/ Illegal Search and Seizure – You may be accused of violent crimes you did not commit due to misidentification. Alternatively, the prosecution may have obtained evidence against you illegally.
  • Mental Incapacity – This defense strategy claims that the defendant was not capable of understanding the implications of their actions at the time of committing a crime.
No matter your situation or charge, having an experienced criminal defense lawyer by your side is important for avoiding severe consequences in Cook County, IL. At Hirsch Law Group, we have experience working on various cases, including violent crimes, D.U.I., burglary, domestic battery, and drug charges. Our attorneys are also experienced in handling lesser felony offenses. We are dedicated to providing legal representation tailored to each client’s unique case while protecting their rights at all times. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Types of Criminal Offenses in Cook County, IL

Experienced criminal defense attorneys are capable of defending clients from various charges. Notwithstanding, it is good to understand the classification of offenses you can be charged with as a citizen of Cook County, IL.

Illinois criminal law classifies most offenses into two groups – misdemeanors and felonies. Felony offenses are the more serious and carry more severe penalties. Illinois felonies are divided into five classes – Classes 1 to 4 and Class X felonies. Class X felonies are the most serious, while Class 4 are the least severe.

Similarly, misdemeanors in Illinois are divided into three classes. They are Class A to Class C misdemeanors. Common misdemeanor offenses in Illinois are D.U.I., theft, and simple battery. Felonies include offenses like kidnapping, arson, and burglary.

Certain crimes are called petty offenses in Illinois. They do not attract jail sentences and can carry a maximum $1000 fine. Offenses like texting while driving fall under this category.

A conviction is never a good thing, no matter how minor your crime is. Therefore, hiring a good criminal defense attorney is a great idea as soon as you are charged. You can hire a lawyer before being formally charged with a criminal offense.

Contact your lawyer once you discover you are the subject of a criminal investigation. That gives your attorney more time to develop a solid defense for you. An experienced lawyer can also guide you on how to handle the situation and protect your rights. You should also not talk to anyone regarding your case except for your attorney. Anything you say could be used against you in court.

How Your Cook County Criminal Lawyer Can Help

At the Hirsch Law Group, we defend clients accused of various crimes. From petty offenses to serious crimes, we provide superior legal representation. We handle cases spanning a diverse range. Examples include drug offenses, theft/burglary, sexual offenses, and assault cases.

Beyond trial representation, your Cook County lawyer can help in the following ways:


Good attorneys thoroughly investigate their clients’ criminal cases. This is to gather information and evidence that can destroy the prosecution’s case. The prosecution may need more evidence to prove their case in many cases.

This is usually so because they must prove their case beyond all reasonable doubt. However, lacking a skilled lawyer to investigate independently may lead to a conviction.


Skilled criminal defense attorneys have excellent negotiation skills. This is important because a lot of criminal cases end in plea bargains. Your attorney should be skilled enough to negotiate dropped charges or a fair deal for you. 

Building a Solid Defense Strategy

The prosecution’s case against you usually starts before an arrest. Therefore, the defense usually has less time to prepare its strategy. A skilled criminal defense attorney can build a solid defense strategy for your case within a limited time.

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The criminal defense lawyers at the Hirsch Law Group understand the criminal justice system. We have seen firsthand how unfair it can be to defendants. Our lawyers have worked as former prosecutors. As such, we use this unique experience to fight against the system and protect our client’s rights.

It is important to have solid legal representation regardless of the criminal charges you are facing. Our criminal defense attorneys can investigate your case thoroughly to build a solid criminal defense on your behalf. We provide aggressive legal representation throughout all stages of your criminal case.

Your future has value, and we want to protect it at all costs. So, contact our criminal defense law firm today to schedule a free consultation.