Support group for felons.

When you have been convicted of a felony, life can become a lot more difficult. The penalties you face for a conviction, such as jail time and probation, are usually just the first part of a difficult road to reintegration. The criminal justice system does not offer many second chances to offenders and can make it extremely difficult for those convicted of a felony to begin a new chapter of their life.

Although the criminal justice system does not provide services to help ex-offenders start a new life, there are many other services such as support groups and re-entry services that can help you reintegrate into society after a felony conviction and move on with your life. If you feel unsure about how you can move on from your conviction and begin a new chapter, a lawyer from Hirsch Law Group can help guide you in the right direction.

Our law firm understands how difficult life can be for those convicted of a felony charge and we have seen how unfair the criminal justice system can be. Our lawyers are dedicated to helping you move on with your life after a conviction and we want to ensure the best outcome for your criminal case. Whether you need help fighting a criminal conviction or advice on how to access resources and support groups, our lawyers will offer help in any way they can.

Hirsch Law Group has been helping clients fight criminal convictions for many years, and we know what it takes to fight against the criminal justice system. The lawyers from our firm will do everything in their power to help you move on from a criminal conviction, and we have won multiple awards that showcase our hard work and dedication.

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Consequences Of a Felony Conviction

Being convicted of a felony can have major, life-impacting consequences. Ex-offenders expect to leave prison, end their probation period, and begin a new life. However, the criminal justice system does not make it easy for those with a criminal history to move on from their past and reintegrate back into society. The criminal system is aimed towards punishment rather than rehabilitation, particularly when it comes to felony charges, and there are significant barriers that make it difficult to move on with your life.

Ex-offenders with felony criminal records face significant difficulties finding employment opportunities, being accepted to education programs, accessing safe and affordable housing, getting loans from financial institutions, and much more. People with a felony conviction on their records will be subject to background checks and often be denied opportunities based on their criminal history.

Ex-offenders can often be subjected to strict probation requirements, such as frequent drug tests, community service, house arrest, curfews, and more. These things can make it quite difficult to move on from your past and begin a new life free from your criminal past. To make things worse, the criminal system in Illinois provides few resources to help ex-felons get their life back on track.

Although the criminal system does not provide these resources, however, and the system is built against former inmates and those convicted of a felony, there are some independent resources available for ex-offenders that can help assist in successful reintegration into society.

Resources/ Support Groups For Ex-Felons

Life after a felony conviction can be extremely tough. Many formerly incarcerated people face huge difficulties reentering society and often feel that the system is built against them. After leaving prison or completing your sentence, you may feel at a loss as to how you can start again or get going with a new job, house, or family.

It is important to know that there are many resources and support groups available for ex-offenders that can help you move on from your criminal past. Most of these resources and support groups available for ex-felons are operated independently from the criminal justice system.

Employment Services

Finding a job can be the most challenging hurdle for many ex-offenders. Many employers perform background checks during the job application process and are less likely to hire those with a criminal record. However, there are employment assistance services available that can help you with your job search and provide assistance to help you apply for jobs that do not require a clean record.

The Re-Entry Employment Service Program (RESP) helps those with convictions or who have faced difficulties due to the criminal justice system find employment. This program has a number of reentry services that can help you with job placement, job referrals, and employment incentives. They can also help you navigate job websites, write up a resume, and prepare for an interview.

Job Placement Services

In Illinois, there is a state-run program called Illinois Job Link that provides job assistance to ex-offenders by helping them find employment. This program supports all citizens in Illinois with job placement, finding job training, and educational placement. Other job placement and job training programs for ex-felons in Illinois include the City of Chicago Ex-Offenders Program, FirstFollowers, and SaferFoundation.

Family Support Services

Incarceration can have a huge effect on your loved ones and often family members suffer trauma or mental anguish because of the difficulties of a criminal conviction. Particularly when young adults have been convicted of a crime, parents may worry about their future opportunities and their safety if they have been sentenced to a juvenile detention center.

Additionally, spouses and other family members are subjected to difficult situations when their loved ones have been convicted of a felony, such as a difficulty accessing housing assistance, supporting the family, and applying for loans. There are many support services and groups for family members of those who have been convicted of a felony in Illinois. These support groups can link families to community resources, provide support for the difficulties they are facing, provide after-school programs for children, and help families apply for funding and grants.

Ex-Offender Reentry Programs

Reentry services in Illinois can help ex-offenders reenter society in many different ways, by providing employment services, a mentoring program, assistance with finding housing, and advice on how to access social services. These programs aim to make reentering society a much smoother process, as often those who leave prison face serious hurdles when trying to get their life back on track, such as strict probation requirements and background checks.

Reentry Illinois provides information on housing for ex-offenders including halfway houses, employment opportunities, case management services, education and training access, and similar support services.

Support Groups

In addition to the burdens associated with a criminal record, such as difficulty finding a job and employment, many former prisoners feel alone and quite depressed after leaving prison. Having a criminal conviction can be extremely tough and you may feel ostracized from society and unable to get your life back on track. The criminal justice system and societal attitudes make it a lot more difficult for those convicted of a crime to rejoin society and this can cause huge mental strain.

There are many support groups in Illinois for ex-offenders that aim to provide safe spaces for ex-offenders to speak about their experiences and talk about the difficulties that face them. These support groups are usually run by the community or by people who have been in a similar situation to yours and are focused on helping people open up and recover from their convictions. Support groups are a great place to learn from other people, build some new life skills, and begin to recover from any trauma you have suffered from.

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The criminal justice system makes it extremely difficult for former prisoners and ex-felons to move on with their lives. In addition to the challenges people face with a criminal record, ex-felons have to deal with societal judgment and a lack of resources to help them get on the right track. The police and the justice system do not provide sufficient information and support for ex-offenders that would allow them to find a job or safe housing.

However, there are many independent resources and support groups for ex-felons in Illinois that can help you overcome your previous conviction and begin a new chapter in your life. At Hirsch Law Group, our lawyers understand how difficult it is to move on with your life after you have been convicted of a crime. We specialize in fighting against the criminal justice system, and we dedicate our careers to helping those who have been accused or convicted of crimes.

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