If you are facing criminal charges then you need an aggressive attorney in DeKalb County defending you

If you have been charged criminally in DeKalb County, Illinois then you will need an aggressive criminal defense attorney defending you in court. Hirsch Law Group is an experienced criminal law firm that has defended thousands of criminal cases. We have two former prosecutors on our team that know how cases are put together and also how they fall apart once we poke holes in the cases against our clients. A conviction of criminal charges can stay with you your entire life and effect your ability to obtain employment, housing and other benefits for the rest of your life. For this reason, we fight hard for our clients to produce the best possible outcome given the circumstances. We specialize in DUI’s, DWI’s, gun charges, domestic violence, burglary, drug charges, theft, embezzlement, homicide, wrongful deaths, traffic offenses and more. If conviction is inevitable, we will negotiate the best deal that could reduce charges or jail time. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers have represented many clients facing charges in the Dekalb County Courthouse which is part of the 23rd Judicial Branch of Illinois. We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS and payment plans.


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