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Criminal defense attorneys represent those accused of a crime in a court of law. They know the law and legal procedures through years of learning and application. As such, they are uniquely prepared and competent to represent criminal defendants.

You may be scared if you have been accused of a crime or know someone who has. A guilty sentence could mean the end of your life as you know it or that of a loved one. This, of course, depends on several factors, including the skill of your criminal defense lawyer. Hence, there is a need to search for competent representation.

The Sixth Amendment of the Constitution guarantees a criminal defendant’s right to counsel. This means that at almost every point during your case, you have a right to be represented by a lawyer. Going with an excellent criminal defense attorney almost always guarantees a better outcome.

Seek Help from Our Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys in DuPage County

We have a team of competent legal practitioners at Hirsch Law Group ready to serve you. We are an Illinois law firm serving DuPage County clients focusing on criminal defense. Our law offices in the county mean that our legal team is well-versed with the local systems and can help you navigate them better.

Everything could change if you have been arrested or charged with a crime. From your job and reputation to your relationships, the stakes are high. A criminal record can have far-reaching implications that could last a lifetime.

A good defense attorney will be on your side from the beginning and help you navigate the legal processes as you focus on other important things. Read on to find out why you should trust us with your criminal case.

Criminal Court Process in Illinois

Criminal cases in Illinois typically follow these steps:

  • Investigation and Arrest: The police and prosecutors conduct their investigations first. They try to gather evidence and establish probable cause for arrest at this stage. Once this is done, they arrest the suspect.

  • Bond Hearing: After the arrest, a hearing will be held to set bail. The judge in the bond court determines if the defendant is eligible for release. If so, they set the amount and other conditions for release. At this stage, the defense attorney can make a case. They can convince the judge why their client should be released and push for a lower bond amount.

  • Preliminary Hearing or Grand Jury: For felony offenses, there is usually a preliminary hearing or grand jury indictment. These are for determining whether there is probable cause that the defendant committed the crime. If it is determined that there is, they will be formally charged.

  • Arraignment: This is the stage where the defendant makes their plea. Defendants have the right to plead guilty or not guilty. In some rare cases, a plea of no contest may be entered. A guilty or no contest plea will allow the court to go straight to sentencing rather than trial. Otherwise, a not-guilty plea will make the case proceed to the pre-trial stages.

  • Pre-trial Stage: The defense attorney reviews the prosecution’s evidence at this stage. This process is called ‘discovery.’ After this, the defense prepares its strategy and case. This may include gathering witnesses and other relevant evidence. They may also enter negotiations for a plea bargain with the prosecution.

  • Trial and verdict: The defendant may choose between a bench and jury trial. At any point before the verdict, both parties may agree on a plea deal. After both sides argue their case, the judge or jury determines guilt. Where the defendant is deemed innocent, the case ends. Otherwise, a sentence is passed.

  • Sentence: The judge imposes a sentence in line with relevant statutes and guidelines. Both the sentence and conviction can be appealed.

Possible Outcomes and Penalties

A case has three possible outcomes: conviction, dismissal, and acquittal. The prosecutors may dismiss the case against you if they don’t have enough evidence against you. They can renew the case anytime, so you are not free if this happens. Meanwhile, if you are acquitted, you are declared innocent. In this case, you cannot be charged with the same crime again. Conviction is a guilty finding, and it comes with penalties.

Criminal offenses carry varying penalties depending on their level of severity. Common penalties for criminal offenses include fines, prison terms, probation, and community service. For sexual crimes, convicts are required to undergo sex offender registration. Depending on the offense, court-required counseling or rehabilitation may also be enforced. A standard penalty for DUI/DWI offenses is driver’s license suspension.

Also, for stealing offenses, mandatory restitution may be required. Certain crimes committed by non-citizens may lead to deportation. Lastly, a felon may lose certain rights. For example, losing voting rights while incarcerated. Other rights that could be lost are the right to own guns, work in certain places, and participate in government welfare programs.

How Our Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Some common crimes we handle include DUI/DWIs, domestic violence, and drug charges. We also handle theft/ embezzlement cases, weapons charges, and possession of stolen property.

Additionally, our attorneys represent clients in cases of homicide or murder. Contact our law office today for assistance regardless of the crime you are accused of.

Beyond legal representation, below are some of the ways our IL lawyers can help you:


Our criminal defense lawyers conduct their investigations into the cases we handle. This enables us to find loopholes in the prosecution’s case from early on and gather evidence. If necessary, private investigators may be involved to help your case. At this stage, your lawyer may find helpful information to bargain with or beat your charges.


Ensuring Due Process

Due process is fundamental in the criminal justice system. It ensures that the defendant’s rights are respected. Due process also ensures that conviction or acquittal is just. Our experienced criminal defense attorney can oversee your case to ensure due process. With our attorneys on your side, your interests are protected.


Jury Selection

Members of the jury are instrumental in criminal cases. Your attorney can help assess the potential jurors and remove those who seem biased.


A lot of criminal trials end with a plea deal. Where the prosecution offers you a plea deal, our attorneys can help you bargain. We can work to reduce your charges to less severe ones and push for the minimum penalty. With former prosecutors on our team, our experience in this aspect may be crucial to your case.


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Hirsch Law Group can defend you if you face criminal charges in DuPage County, Illinois. Our criminal law firm has two former prosecutors with invaluable knowledge and experience. They work ceaselessly to pick apart the prosecution’s case against our clients.

No matter how minor, a criminal conviction stays on your criminal record. You also face administrative and criminal penalties. That is why we defend everything from petty crimes to severe criminal charges. Criminal prosecution is usually very aggressive. So, we are equally aggressive and proactive in fighting for our clients.

The sooner you act, the better! If you have been charged with a criminal offense, contact us for a free consultation today. Let us handle your Illinois criminal matters for you.