On September 14, 2017, staff trial attorney COLIN QUINN COMMITO proceeded to a bench trial before the Honorable Beatriz Santiago in the Rolling Meadows District of the Cook County Criminal court system.

The HIRSCH LAW GROUP’s client was charged with aggravated speeding (Class A Misdemeanor) and driving under the influence of alcohol (Class A misdemeanor).

Mr. Commito cross examined the arresting officer as to his observations of the client and elicited an admission from the officer that the client actually “did not look drunk.”

This admission was made after conducting filed sobriety tests and the determination that the client failed.

The Honorable Judge reviewed the police squad car video, heard the testimony of the arresting officer and entered her ruling on the record: NOT GUILTY of D.U.I.

The client was then sentenced to a term of supervision on the speeding charge despite his travelin 97 mph in a 55mph zone. (no conviction)