Without question, if you are charged with a domestic violence offense you should contact HIRSCH LAW GROUP immediately. The need to act fast in these cases is the difference between you violating an emergency or plenary order of protection and going to jail or crafting a strategic approach to the prosecution and staying out of jail. Depending on the alleged harm done, these cases may be charged as misdemeanor or felony offenses. But regardless of the class of offense charged, a domestic violence conviction will have a devastating affect upon your employment prospects and future success. Society views these offenses negatively and even a frivolous allegation followed by an arrest may stay on your record and complicate your life.

It is the express goal of the HIRSCH LAW GROUP to fight these cases to avoid a conviction. Once a conviction is defeated we always advise our client to move forward and expunge the case if at all possible. We question police officers, expose inconsistencies in the testimony of the complaining witness and do whatever necessary to secure a favorable outcome. Navigating the local prosecutorial regime in the area of domestic violence is an art unto itself, and one that the HIRSCH LAW GROUP studies on a daily basis.


Contact the HIRSCH LAW GROUP now to develop a legal strategy as to how we, together, may best approach the charge levied against you. Do not hesitate because these charges are time sensitive.

CLICK HERE to read the Illinois Domestic Violence Act.