A D.U.I. conviction can never be expunged in the State of Illinois. This means that every employer who requests and views you criminal record will know that you have been convicted of a criminal offense involving drunk or driving under the influence of drugs. A D.U.I. charge, for that reason alone, is very damaging to your reputation. Because a D.U.I. charge is so serious, it is critically important that your hire an attorney who has experience litigating these types of cases against county prosecutors in the State of Illinois. HIRSCH LAW GROUP has litigated hundreds of D.U.I. cases in more than five counties throughout Illinois with success. Whether it be a finding of not guilty or a reduction of your charge to reckless driving, our goal is to fight your D.U.I. offense and secure a favorable outcome.

Contrary to what other lawyers may believe, D.U.I. trials are particularly sophisticated, at times involving the questioning of nurses, doctors and expert witnesses. An analysis of medical records, prescription drugs and other factors is necessary to a competent defense strategy. Knowing that D.U.I. cases can be complex, the attorneys at HIRSCH LAW GROUP attack each case differently and critically analyze the facts so that the best defense is presented to a judge or jury. If a case is not strong enough to proceed to trial, our attorneys negotiate favorable outcomes and have enjoyed success in mitigating the circumstances that face our clients.


HIRSCH LAW GROUP will meet with you to determine how best to approach the criminal litigation and opportunities to attack the government’s case against you. Do not hesitate, if you are charged with misdemeanor or felony D.U.I. in the State of Illinois, we are here to defend you!

CLICK HERE read the Illinois Vehicle Code’s D.U.I. law.