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Hirsch Law Group: Your Skilled Cook County DUI Lawyer

Why Hiring Cook County DUI Lawyers Can Make All the Difference

Driving under the influence in Illinois is a serious crime punishable by harsh penalties. A Cook County DUI lawyer can help you develop a sound defense strategy if you are arrested for driving under the influence in Illinois.

A DUI arrest can lead to losing your driving privileges and other penalties depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest.

For instance, DUI with a minor passenger or with three prior convictions is a felony offense. It involves harsher penalties, fines, and jail time, which could affect your criminal record.

At the Hirsch Law Group, we understand the criminal justice system and how to reinstate your license. Our criminal defense lawyers have helped clients in several Illinois counties, including:

  • Boone County

  • DeKalb County

  • DuPage County

  • Grundy County

  • Kane County

  • Kankakee County

  • Kendall County

  • Lake County

  • McHenry County

  • Will County

  • Winnebago County

To get answers to your questions and DUI representation in Illinois, contact the Hirsch Law Group today. Our legal team can help you understand the possible consequences of a DUI offense and offer legal representation to defend your rights.

What Is the Implied Consent Law in Illinois?

Illinois implied consent law gives Cook County police officers the right to request a blood or breath test from suspected DUI offenders. Refusing these tests will result in the immediate one-year suspension of your license. Additionally, refusing a chemical test carries higher penalties than failing a DUI BAC test.

What Are the Consequences of Refusing a Chemical Test?

Refusing a chemical test in the state of Illinois can have severe consequences, including:

  • One-year suspension of your driver’s license for a first offense

  • Three-year suspension for a second or subsequent offense within five years

  • Increased penalties and fines if you are convicted of DUI

  • Possible jail time if convicted of DUI

It is important to note that refusing a chemical test does not guarantee that you will avoid a DUI conviction. A Cook County DUI lawyer can help you understand your rights and options and develop a defense strategy to potentially mitigate the consequences of refusing a chemical test.

What Impact Does a DUI Conviction Have on an Individual?

The consequences of a DUI conviction can be completely life-changing. For instance, a first-offense DUI is a Class A misdemeanor in Cook County. It is punishable by one-year imprisonment and up to $2500 in fines.

The severity of a DUI conviction depends on the offender’s number of prior convictions. A third or subsequent DUI charge within five years is a felony punishable by a maximum of $25,000 in fines.

These penalties may increase if there was a minor passenger involved or it resulted in someone else’s death.

An aggravated DUI offense that results in death is punishable by fourteen years imprisonment and up to $25,000 in fines. If it resulted in two or more deaths, the accused individual could be looking at twenty-eight years imprisonment.

DUI convictions come with other consequences, such as payment for treatment programs and employment loss. Further, drivers must install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) in their vehicles.

Furthermore, DUI convictions carry a permanent criminal record and cannot be expunged. This may affect opportunities for housing, work, and education.

An experienced DUI attorney can prevent all or some of these consequences.

How To Find a Good Cook County DUI Attorney

Finding the right Chicago criminal defense attorney will significantly determine the outcome of your DUI case. Individuals seeking the help of a DUI attorney should look for the following:

  1. A criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience in DUI law

  2. A lawyer who is qualified and licensed to practice in Illinois

  3. An attorney who has dealt with various DUI cases

  4. An attorney with vast trial and pre-trial experience

  5. The attorney’s client’s reputation and professional conduct

At the Hirsch Law Group, we have successfully represented countless DUI clients. Find out if we are right for you by scheduling a free consultation.

DUI Criminal Defense Lawyers at the Hirsch Law Group: Why You Need One

“If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Cook County, seek the assistance of a DUI lawyer as soon as possible.” Our experienced DUI attorneys can assist you in the following ways:

  • We have in-depth knowledge and understanding of DUI laws

  • We know how the court operates and will advise you on new laws and regulations

  • We are experienced in DUI cases and can increase your chances for success

  • We can provide you with the DUI defense strategy to beat your DUI charges

  • We can provide expert witnesses to challenge the prosecution’s evidence in court

  • Our DUI attorneys will negotiate to reduce your charges and penalties

  • We can inform you of your rights throughout the DUI process

  • Our lawyers can advise on the best possible course of action

How Can Hirsch Law Group Defend Your DUI Case?

After carrying out a thorough investigation and analysis of your case, we can establish the following defenses:

  • Challenge the validity of the traffic stop

  • Question the testing methods used by the police officer

  • Challenge the accuracy of the test results

  • Challenge the officer’s behavior during the traffic stop

  • Provide alternative reasons for poor performance in tests (e.g., high blood pressure)

  • Show that the police officer was unqualified to administer tests

  • Provide alternative CCTV footage showing a lack of reasonable suspicion

  • Prove that blood samples were mishandled

  • Show proof of your voluntary attendance at treatment programs

  • Provide expert witnesses to challenge the officer’s report

As a result of your unique circumstances, we may be able to raise various defenses. We will conduct an intensive investigation and also utilize expert witnesses to support your claim.

Reach Out to a Skilled DUI Attorney

Drunk driving criminal charges attract hefty fines and punishments, which can be devastating. However, you do not have to plead guilty to charges you do not understand.

Contact the Hirsch Law Group as soon as possible if you have been stopped on suspicion of DUI. You can count on us to fight aggressively for the restoration of your driving privileges.

We also represent clients in other areas of criminal law, traffic violations, and civil and domestic issues.

Contact us today and schedule a free and confidential consultation with a DUI/ DWI Lawyer.