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What is Solicitation of Prostitution: Understanding the Offense and Its Consequences

Your Defense Against Criminal Charges of Soliciting Prostitution

If you’re facing soliciting prostitution charges in Illinois, understanding the legal definition and potential consequences is paramount to crafting the proper defense. Soliciting prostitution is committed when a person offers another person a thing of value in exchange for sexual acts. The gravity of these charges can be imposing, and the legal system may seem unforgiving to those convicted. A permanent criminal record, jail time, and fines are the last thing you want when you have done nothing wrong.

At Hirsch Law Group, we believe that everyone deserves a strong defense, regardless of what they did or failed to do. We emphasize empathy, experience, and equality in our practice, and we extend these values to each of our clients. When you choose us, you’re not just selecting a legal representative; you’re trusting a team that stands alongside you, ensuring that your side of the story is heard.

Understanding Solicitation of Prostitution

Section 11-14.1. of the Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/11-14.1 defines solicitation of sexual acts as the act of offering to a person who is not their spouse any money, property, or anything of value for that person to perform a sexual act or activity. The sexual conduct or sexual act could be an act of sexual penetration or any touching or fondling of the sex organs of another person.

Under Illinois state law, solicitation of prostitution is a Class A misdemeanor if committed by first-time offenders. However, it becomes a Class 4 felony if the person from whom the sexual act is solicited is below 18 years old or a person with severe intellectual disability. It could also become a felony when the person charged is a repeat offender.

For a solicitation charge to prosper, prosecutors must prove two things: intent and communication.

  • Intent: There must be a specific intent to engage in sexual activity for compensation.

  • Communication: There must be an act of communication, which can range from verbal offers to text messages or online messages indicating solicitation.

Examining the accused’s mens rea, or mental state, will help develop a robust defense. Sting operations in Illinois, particularly in cities like Chicago, have led to many unreasonable arrests that force people to give incriminating statements. If you’re facing solicitation charges, make sure to speak with a trusted defense lawyer for quality representation that will help you overcome this legal difficulty.

We are adept at navigating the complex terrain of criminal law and state statutes, always ensuring our clients receive empathy, experience, and equality in their defense. 

Legal Implications of Solicitation Charges

Solicitation of prostitution carries significant legal consequences, and our firm understands the toll these charges can have on one’s life. When you face solicitation of prostitution charges, it’s crucial to be aware of the immediate and long-term impact.

Solicitation of prostitution is a Class A misdemeanor that carries a penalty of up to one (1) year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. These can escalate to a Class 4 felony with harsher criminal penalties depending on the person and circumstances, such as prior conviction, being linked to human trafficking, or if a person solicits from a minor.

If convicted, a solicitation charge becomes part of your criminal record, potentially hindering future employment opportunities and destroying your social standing. Therefore, an experienced criminal defense attorney is crucial for anyone navigating these charges. As your lawyers, we fight tirelessly to protect your legal rights and offer you legal advice to help get the charges dismissed.

Remember, a person charged is not a person convicted. Proper legal representation can spell the difference between a criminal conviction and an acquittal or reduced charges. Our knowledge and skills in criminal defense can help ensure you have a formidable advocate in your corner throughout the entire court process.

Defending Against Solicitation Charges

When facing charges that involve the solicitation of prostitution acts, a strong legal defense is critical to the outcome of your case. Our approach considers several key defense strategies that can be instrumental in your defense. Possible defenses include the following:

  • Lack of Intent: One of the cornerstones of dismissal of a solicitation charge is proving that the defendant intentionally and willfully sought to engage in a sex act in exchange for compensation. We meticulously review the circumstances surrounding the case to demonstrate a potential lack of intent, which may invalidate the charge.

  • Entrapment: Defendants are sometimes the victims of entrapment; prostitution occurs when an officer or informant induces someone to commit a crime that they would not have otherwise committed. Our legal team is experienced in scrutinizing the actions of undercover officers in a sting operation to determine if entrapment occurred.

  • Insufficient Evidence: A common defense against prostitution solicitation charges hinges on whether the prosecution has enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an arrangement for a lewd act or sexual services was made. We thoroughly assess the evidentiary support for the charges against you.

Each case demands a bespoke defense strategy; no two situations are the same. The advocacy of a seasoned criminal defense lawyer is paramount. As a firm, we pride ourselves on defending your rights and reputation using our experience and legal prowess to guide you through this challenging time.

Your most experienced criminal defense lawyer should be as unique as your case. Trust us to navigate the complexities of your situation and offer the reassurance and high-powered defense you deserve.

How an Experienced Defense Attorney From Hirsch Law Group Can Help

At Hirsch Law Group, we understand the complexities and sensitivity surrounding charges of solicitation of prostitution. We want you to know that you are not alone. In the face of such challenges, our empathy guides us to stand with you, offering a supportive and sturdy defense.

We tailor our defense strategies to the unique circumstances of your case. Our approach begins with a thorough analysis of the evidence against you and identifying any potential violations of your rights. While reviewing your case, we focus on providing a customized defense that aligns with your individual needs.

It’s essential to have a team that not only has experience but also one that believes in equality in the legal system. Our firm has extensive knowledge of Illinois law, and we’re adept at navigating the intricacies of sex crime defense. If you’re facing a solicitation of prostitution charge, trust that we have the experience required to defend you effectively.

It is imperative to understand the severity of a solicitation charge and its potential impact on your life. Our objective is to guide you through the legal process with not just skill but genuine concern for the best possible outcome.

Contact the Hirsch Law Group if you’re seeking an empathetic, experienced, and equal representation defense attorney in your solicitation case. A solicitation of prostitution lawyer is crucial to help you overcome this legal difficulty with a vigorous defense.