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Former prosecutors, now aggressive criminal, DUI, and traffic violation defense attorneys, proudly serving and defending clients throughout the state of Illinois. 

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Ashley V
Ashley V
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If I could give Torrance at Hirsch Law Group more than 5 stars, I would! He was very understanding, compassionate, and patient with me and my family through a very difficult time. He was always quick to respond and made this process as easy as possible. If you want not only the best representation, but the best representation that genuinely cares about you…call Torrance at Hirsch Law Group! They are all the very best at what they do. In every way.
Kyle R.
Kyle R.
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I highly recommend these guys. I got a few tickets, my friend told me to call them. I called the Joliet office right away the secretary was very friendly and helpful. They took care of everything for me and I still have my license. If you find your self in a situation I would definitely call these guys.
Rebecca W
Rebecca W
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Never being involved in anything like this before, the Hirsch Law Group has been a true blessing. Speaking first with Torrance; he took all of my information and was a great comfort. Christina listened to all of my concerns and I know I was heard. Brian was with me at my first appearance. I was nervous and a little confused. He calmed my fears and explained everything to me. Bottom line is, I feel taken care of and have confidence in everyone there. And isn’t that what we all are looking for when we need representation?
Jeffrey Hughes
Jeffrey Hughes
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Hired Gordon and his team and Mr. Anthony Lombardo came to court and had my case dismissed on the 1st court date. I had hired them only a few weeks prior to my case, and they were able to get the discovery and talk to the District Attorney with only a few weeks before my court case and they blew me away with how professional they were. I would recommend them highly to everyone I know, and to anyone who is looking for a good attorney who will not only work for you, but also call and keep in touch with you and answer every time you call I would seriously look into hiring them! Thank you Mr. Hirsch, Mr. lombardo, and Mr. Brzezinski for all of your hard work. My family also wants to tell you thank you as well.
Rodrick Vann
Rodrick Vann
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Hirsch Law Group has been amazing! Very personable and quick with their responses. Any questions I had, they answered. My attorney Melanie was amazing and everyone involved from Betsy to Torrance. They all did handle my case with great professionalism.
Elizabeth G.
Elizabeth G.
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Very professional law firm. They went above and beyond to help me. They were easy to get a hold of when I needed them and guided me through the court process when I was extremely nervous. I got way better results then I thought that I would and highly recommend them to anyone facing serious criminal charges.
Brian Freiman
Brian Freiman
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I have worked with this firm and they are great. They handled the case with professionalism and dedication. I would work with them again and am happy to recommend people to the firm.
Ivon R
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Highly recommend Hirsch Law group, I was very impressed with the preparation, detail orientation, respect to privacy and the value to diversity offered by Attorney Paul Koontz, office staff was extremely friendly, easy to deal with and responsive to my questions. Something to highlight staff speaks more than one language what made easy for communication. Thank you Svetlana and Attorney Paul. I was a pleasure working with you both.
Yinka O
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I am extremely grateful for Hirsch law group and how they helped me handle the whole case and Please help me say a Big thank you to Attorney Arnold Pula. He was extremely patient with all my questions and many calls out of fear and Anxiety as this whole court case was a new and never experienced case for me. Thank you very much Hirsch Law group. Although i do not want and wish anybody in Trouble but i would recommend you always. 5 star always. Thank you once again Attorney Arnold Pula. The administrative staffs were also very responsive Svetlana Yankovic were exceptional. Thank you all.

You weren’t looking for trouble,
but trouble found you.
Our skilled attorneys can help you overcome any legal difficulty.

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Commercial Driver's
License Offenses





Assault and Battery

Order of

Violence Charges

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Illinois, you may be wondering “HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME?”

You may be facing jail time, you could lose your job, and you could be taken away from your family and friends. You weren’t looking for trouble, but trouble found you. Now, what do you do?

Call the Hirsch Law Group. Our aggressive criminal defense attorneys are committed to working with you to get the best outcome you possibly can. If you’re in the Chicago area and been charged with any of the following, we can help.

  • Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol
    Drugs and/or Intoxicating Compounds (DUI)
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Offenses
  • Moving Violations
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Reckless Driving
  • Excessive Speeding,
  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident
  • Homicide
  • Armed Robbery
  • Home Invasion
  • Drug Possession and Sale
  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Unlawful Use of Weapons
  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Operation of Watercraft Under the Influence
  • Expungements, and minor traffic offenses.
  • Felony
  • Federal
  • Murder
  • Sex Crimes
  • White Collar

From simple, petty cases to the most complex criminal charges, we are dedicated to providing aggressive legal services to our clients.

We service 20 counties in Illinois including Cook County, DuPage County, Will County, Lake County, McHenry County, Kendall County, Boone County, Winnebago County, DeKalb County, Kankakee County, Grundy County, Kane County, Chicago, Stephenson County, Ogle County, Lee County, Whiteside county, LaSalle county, Putnam County, Woodford County, and Whiteside County.

You could choose to defend yourself. But you probably don’t have years of legal experience on cases just like this. Hiring Hirsch Law Group enables you to focus on work and family while we fiercely defend you from every angle.

Hiring Hirsch Law Group enables you to focus on work and family while we fiercely defend you from every angle. We’ve been on both sides of the table and we KNOW what happens. Our former prosecutors have seen it ALL. From simple situations to highly complex cases. There is a tomorrow and our Chicago criminal attorneys can help you find that tomorrow. Don’t wait, contact us NOW.

What Sets Our Firm Apart?



Over the past 20 years, members of Hirsch Law Group have developed relationships throughout Illinois.



We are proud to serve & defend you in 20 Illinois counties.



Our combined legal expertise has us well-equipped to handle all types of criminal defense cases.

Our Team of Experienced Chicago Criminal Attorneys
Will Fight For You

At Hirsch Law Group, we believe that everyone deserves a quality legal defense. We have a team of attorneys in 20 different counties that know both local and state criminal laws well. As such, we are skilled in defending even the toughest criminal charges. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between a Misdemeanour And a Felony?

In most cases, misdemeanors result in a prison sentence of no more than one year and other penalties, including fines, probation, or community service. In contrast, felonies can result in prison sentences ranging from one year to life.

Therefore, felonies are more serious crimes, such as murder, multiple DUI offenses, robbery, possession of controlled substances, and theft of high-value items.

What Is the Difference Between a State and a Federal Criminal Charge?

When you violate state laws, you will be prosecuted in state courts. State courts apply criminal statutes and hand out penalties in line with state legislation.

Federal criminal charges are more serious. They cover criminal activity which takes place across state lines. Examples are drug trafficking, fraud, and distribution of child pornography. Federal agencies such as the FBI or DEA are often involved in these cases. Severe penalties and mandatory minimum sentences are often handed down.

The Police Have Ordered Me to Go to the Station for an Interview. Should I Make a Statement?

Making a statement at the police station without your lawyer present is often detrimental and works to disadvantage you. Only give the police a statement with your lawyer present. Often the police give suspects the impression that they are obliged to make a statement. Only make a statement to the police with your lawyer present. Sometimes the police give suspects the impression that they are obligated to provide a statement. However, your constitutional rights grant you the right to remain silent and to have your attorney present. If you are in this situation, politely advise the police you need your attorney present. You may incriminate yourself if you make a statement without your attorney present. Your words may be taken out of context, and the police officer may record incorrect information.

Contact an Experienced Lawyer to Aid You With Your Charges

Are you facing criminal charges? Perhaps a DUI, drug crime, misdemeanor, robbery, or criminal offense? The Hirsch Law Group has experienced criminal defense attorneys who will fight to protect your rights in and out of court.

We are ready to step in and fight for your right to a fair trial. From plea negotiations to a preliminary hearing to defending you against false allegations, we are here to help. When you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer, contact us immediately.