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Illinois Criminal Defense Lawyers

At Hirsch Law Group, our aggressive Lake County criminal defense lawyers are committed to delivering the highest quality of legal representation to clients charged with all types of Felony, Misdemeanor and Traffic cases including, but not limited to:

Homicide, Armed Robbery, Home Invasion, Drug Possession and Sales, Reckless Driving, Excessive Speeding, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Theft, Burglary, Unlawful Use of Weapons, Assault, Battery, Domestic Violence, Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Offenses, Driving Under the Influence Alcohol, Drugs and/or Intoxicating Compounds, Operation of Watercraft Under the Influence along with Expungements and minor traffic offenses.

From simple, petty cases to the most complex criminal charges, we are dedicated to providing impeccable legal services to our clients.

Practice Areas DUI

Illinois DUI law is complex and requires experienced and highly professional legal representation. Our attorneys at Hirsch Law Group have successfully defended clients charged with a wide range of alcohol, drug and intoxicating compounds-related offenses. If you are arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), you can be convicted if a breath, urine or blood test reveals that you have a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or more, or if you have trace of marijuana or any other illicit narcotic in your body. Without a strong legal team that can present an effective defense to your charges, you could be convicted of a Class A Misdemeanor, which could include a maximum of 1 year in jail along with a fine of $2,500.00 for a first offense.

You will most likely have many questions - Will I be sent to jail? Will this permanently remain on my public record? Am I at risk of losing my driving privileges? What is this going to cost me? Do I even need an attorney to represent me?

Having an experienced defense attorney on your side can significantly impact the outcome of your case. Our attorneys are able to evaluate your situation, and we can determine the optimal strategy and provide the legal representation that you need.

Whether we are challenging the reason for the traffic stop or exposing police errors in the administration of field sobriety tests, we provide a strong and effective defense.

Drug Crimes

Drug charges in the state of Illinois should be taken seriously. Our law firm has handled all kinds of drug charges, including: drug possession and sales, offenses involving the possession or sale of prescription drugs, drug trafficking and manufacturing. Penalties for drug crimes depend on the nature of the crime one is accused of committing, in addition to the substance involved. For example - possession charges could result in being referred to a drug diversion program, which might not result in a conviction, while drug manufacturing and other major charges could result in a lengthy prison sentence, including heavy fines.

The charges and facts determine how the case should be defended, in addition to how law enforcement officials collected drugs. The Lake County criminal defense attorneys at Hirsch Law Group analyze and investigate the evidence to construct the best legal defenses, such as a lack of ability to exercise control over the drugs. The 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution protects an individual's right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizure. Hence, if your charges arose from an improper search or seizure, it is possible that the evidence against you may be inadmissible in court, thus leading to the dismissal of the charges. Our attorneys could also seek to get the charges reduced to simple possession, if such an outcome proves to be beneficial to your case.

Violent Crimes

Within the Illinois Criminal Code, violent crimes are defined as offenses where the accused uses force (or the threat of force) against an individual. The attorneys at Hirsch Law Group defend clients charged with all kinds of violent crimes, including Battery, Assault, Domestic Violence, Rape, Sexual Assault, Robbery, Manslaughter and Murder. Individuals convicted of violent crimes could face heavy fines and a long prison sentence (even life in prison), in addition to other severe consequences. Depending on various circumstances, it is also possible that a juvenile could be charged as an adult. These crimes are considered to be the most serious offenses because a victim has been affected by physical harm.

State's Attorneys must prove that the defendant acted deliberately and in a manner that was likely to result in the use of force against another person. The defendant also must have known of facts that would lead any reasonable person to believe that the act would most likely result in the use of force. Our attorneys seek to identify any weak aspects of the prosecution's case, and we craft our defense strategy to apply to the specific charges, facts and circumstances, whilst fully comprehending the potential penalties that our clients are facing. Some of our strategies throughout these cases include arguing that our client acted in self-defense, that our clients have an alibi, or that they lacked the intent that is required by the charge. Other defense strategies could include seeking suppression of evidence that was obtained as the result of an unlawful search, attacking forensic evidence, or exposing inaccurate or false testimony.

Domestic Abuse

Domestic Violence and Abuse is a pattern of behavior that involves physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse, which is usually committed against a family member, partner or spouse. A conviction on a charge of domestic violence may result in severe criminal penalties. Domestic and violence could have many forms, including threatening, stalking, kicking, shoving, hitting or also psychological abuse. Like other violent crimes, self-defense could be a strategy to explore, as could be issues like the credibility and motivations of the accuser.

If you are accused of violence or abuse against a member of your family/household, you could face fines, orders of protection, time in prison, and more. Orders of Protection could result in you being forced out of your home, and could also adversely impact your employment, custody of your children, along with immigration status and other severe consequences. We know that false allegations of domestic violence exist, and we investigate and analyze the facts to determine the best legal defense to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

Contact Us

If you are seeking a knowledgeable and skilled Northern Illinois criminal defense and traffic attorneys, we look forward to hearing from you. Please explore our website and feel free to get in touch with us or send us your information using the convenient form on this page to learn more about Hirsch Law Group. If you have been accused of any offense, or if you need legal representation related to any of our practice areas, let our Lake County criminal defense lawyers put our incredible experience to work for you. We hope you contact us so our attorneys may provide you with excellent professional representation.

Client Reviews
I've used them 2 times, both times I was extremely pleased with my outcome. Mr. Hirsch is very professional and informative of your situation and circumstances, as well as the potential outcomes. One time one of his associates represented me, and another he personally did. I would definitely call if I need a lawyer in the future. Tim
I consulted Mr. Hirsch regarding a landlord issue I had involving pest control and safety codes in my building. Once I presented my reckless landlord with the information Mr. Hirsch supplied, he folded like a cheap suit. If I ever need to retain an attorney for any reason, Mr. Hirsch is the ONLY one I will be calling. I would advise anyone reading this to do the same. Anonymous
One of the attorneys represented my son at court for a class B misdeameanor ticket. I as a parent was really nervous because I didn’t know what expect. I called Gordon and all my fears were put to bed. The attorney showed up and also took my son aside after court to talk to him about the seriousness of his ticket. I have to say that my son learned his lesson. The attorney was great and we would definitely recommend him. Thanks Gordon! Patricia
Attorney Hirsch responded to my request immediately. He was extremely helpful and answered my question right on our phone call. Because of this it wasn't necessary to hire him, but I certainly would if needed! Anonymous
A real professional shows up on time to court I didn't have to worry about a thing would recommend him anytime he saved my butt from a warrant went above and beyond what he had to do when I had a court date and didn't know it he called me to inform me I had a court date he did not have to do that awesome guy. Teddy
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